Icon® Treatment

Without pain, without fear

We’ve introduced a new technique that, provided your teeth or your child’s teeth, are treated early enough, prevents the needs for fillings and the drill. Icon® treatment was developed in Germany and it is used in cases where decay has not gone beyond the tooth enamel.

Traditional methods of treating cavities require drilling and filling away of the tooth structure. While this is sometimes the only way to restore teeth, it is not always necessary in beginning stage cavities.

Modern dentistry allows us to identify tooth decay in the early stages – before the rot sets in. We can then treat the tooth surface with a resin that protects the tooth and prevents the decay advancing. Fillings are avoided, healthy tooth tissue preserved, and no drills required! This is a pain free method of preventing further tooth decay so you don’t need any injections either.

The key is to visit the dentist regularly so we can spot signs of decay before the need to drill into the tooth.

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