Woodingdean Dental Practice. Friendly, helpful and… very convenient.

Patient, friendly dentists. Gentle, helpful nurses and receptionists. Convenient appointments at the weekend or in the evening. Beautifully designed, superbly equipped, modern treatment rooms located within a safe, supermarket environment with free parking and easy access. Keen care prices and affordable dental plans. And wonderful, child-friendly staff, activities and programmes to make your children think about their teeth, and feel good about the dentist.

Whether it’s for you or your kids, and even if you’ve not seen a dentist for a very long time, your local Woodingdean Dental Practice will take however you’ve felt about dentists in the past… and change it for ever.

Giving you a better dental experience …

We want you to have bright, confident, healthy smiles and we want to make the experience of dentistry a positive one for you. We know some of you are nervous…or even downright scared. You may have had a bad experience in the past or heard from friends who have. You might just feel guilty you haven’t been for ages and worry the dentist might disapprove. That’s where we can most definitely help.

We can make you some promises and we won’t talk to you in dentistry gobbledegook or ask you to agree to things whilst your lying prone in a dental chair. We won’t ask you to sit in a dental chair at all until you feel ready to. At Woodingdean Dental Practice, we have bright, comfortable discussion rooms where you and our dentists can chat things through if you prefer.

We’ll never think worse of you if you haven’t been for years and we’ll always do everything we can to prevent you and your family having to endure physical pain, or even from feeling uncomfortable. We spend every day thinking about how we can transform the experience of going to the dentist so that it becomes like going to the gym, or eating properly: something that you and your family feel good about as part of a fit, active lifestyle.

So please, come see for yourself. We feel confident you’ll be pleased you came.

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